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walking along a road with th reb, joined by doug and deb j, reminiscent of th opening road scene in public tv’s mayor of casterbridge

in a room like a school classroom. dave reimer was leading me to a chair to set me up for an eeg. something special had happened in between th opening road scene and this. dave was explaining th eeg procedures to me. it seemed more a test they wanted for confirming special abiities rather than tracking down a health infirmity. i knew what they wanted to see, so went down into a long intense fugue

i came out of it to find dave shaking me and urgently telling me to shut it down. i asked him if i had done what i wanted to. he said my entire body had become glowing white from an energy surge, a white aura force around me. th reb had been sitting in a care in front of me facing away during th procedure, but she turned around to confirm his description. people were standing at th fringes of th room with mouths open

driving by bmc on old gulph, while walking through a parking lot after th carnival. a policeman had put a ticket on each of two cars which th reb and i walked between, one was another police car. two patrolmen approached th ticketing officer as we kept walking away to th edges of th parking lot. they called to him and said they’d been taking in th sites – meaning, th girls – at th carnival, no need to ticket their patrolcar. th officer reminded them that th chief had expected racial problems and they should be on th alert

as he spoke, i saw a black man attacking another person in th lot ahead. i called out to th policemen and they started to run toward us. rather than escape immediately, th black man came lunging toward me, angry that i had alerted th police. only a thin brief spark of fear at th moment of recognizing my danger. then still feeling th energy of th aura, i stood fast and waited, knowing i couldn’t be hurt by th knife, knowing that he was in more danger than i. two flashes of th knife, both of which simply bounced off me, and then th knife was turned against him

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Written by macheide

26 October 1978 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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