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unwanted gardener

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th reb, i and some other friends were at a house, strange but seemed familiar. chet had come along. while we were in a garden on th south side of th house, i gave him th brushoff. th reb and i met him again later on th porch. he needed some money, was down to only $30, and that was already allocated $10 each to three different things. he showed us his three 10s as he ticked off th three things

i turned him away like a common street beggar. th reb was upset with me and sulked around th house until i gave in, told chet he could work in th garden of th house and then could take a regular position as a gardener back at th greenwood ave house. th reb was happy and enthusiastically embraced chet, they held each other for several minutes completely forgetting me, ignoring me when i spoke

i walked sadly back into th house, wondering if i’d made a mistake, although i did wish th reb’s happiness. she came in apologetic, tried to comfort me

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Written by macheide

19 June 1978 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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