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scattered relationships

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in grandpa‘s house at hollow road, except it was supposed to be th arcola home. when i woke and went into th kitchen, th reb said she had some news. she sounded happy like it was good news, so i was surprised to hear her say she had called chet. i immediately voiced strong disapproval, i wanted him to have no part of our life. she was distressed since she hadn’t expected my strong reaction. still complaining, i walked out into th snow in th back yard, looking at some trees [that looked like th drawings sketched after th dream, labeled with today’s date]

in th balcony of lc sr hs department during a service. while singing, avoiding patty‘s glances from a row on th main floor. doug beside me kept watching me expecting me to look her way. when i finally decided to drop th noncommitted act and did look down to where she had been, a wall was between us

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Written by macheide

4 March 1978 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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