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military and commercial flights

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in th tlr field jet fighters were assembling. i joined as pilot of one of th jets, ecstatic in feelings of flight. an attack was planned on king of prussia. one by one our jets began flying off, but we flew low to avoid radar, about 20 feet over th ground. at th jets’ speeds we couldn’t hangle quick moves such as to avoid telephone wires, so all of th jets crashed in th field across tlr. i remember seeing th ground rush up to me but was not frightened since it seemed more like an amusement park ride

walking back to th house through th tlr field, mf and mm (or kathy) were there, upset with th news of th planned raid although th crashes were viewed as a tragedy. i defended my role as that of an intended peacemaker: one blue angel in a squadron of silver angels

i found a room for b ellis and mary, spoke with ellis over th phone to him in philadelphia arranging contact with a lawyer, setting was bmc side of king of prussia

mf was reading a telephone number to me but not coherently, also amid noise and confusion. and th numbers and letters on th phone dial were not in order. i tried doing it by th pictures shown with th numbers

th reb and i had flown out to california, were at th airport for our return. long lines. we followed an older couple outside to a smaller private jet called in to handle th overflow crowd, room for pilot and four passengers. i wasn’t scared and mentioned my calmness in th earlier crashes, actually was quite excited about th private jet flight

plans were for us to fly to philadelphia via florida and i had excited visions of being high over th florida keys and th ocean. but it turned out that florida was scheduled to be after philadelphia, and our route took us over canada

boarding at th philadelphia airport, long lines again. nobody was checking any luggage in. i reached our counter and punched th first person’s ticket myself, was praised by a flight attendant for taking th initiative to help out. i punched, enveloped and sealed all th tickets

th final man’s ticket and baggage checks were printed over several pages with photographs of his wife nude like a centerfold, and his baby. he looked away and seemed embarrassed at having his personal life thus exposed but didn’t seem antagonistic toward me for looking. i tried to make him feel better by doing my best to punch his ticket without looking at th pictures, then joined th line myself for th plane in a place like th hoboken path station, hoping for another special flight

back home in pennsylvania, i was telling th reb something about patty, perhaps of meeting in california on th 2nd trip. th reb said she thought i had forgotten patty and was upset that i was getting involved again. i said i’d never stopped being involved. she seemed to imply that my feelings were almost enough to drive her back into chet‘s arms, although she never actually said so. we held each other, trying to understand

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Written by macheide

21 February 1978 at 4:04 am

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