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curse unbroken

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th reb said that if i wanted any resolution between patty and me, i would have to approach her myself, that only my words would ever break th curse. patty was nearby, maybe at bl, but i was uncertain and said nothing

sex with sheila. a roller coaster at a college campus, up on a balcony pool deck, th roller coaster starting alongside a road almost like th blue ridge parkway and running down th side of a cliff. some paper nudes. riding th city subway home, seemed to go in th other direction, carrying grocery bags. a special house where we met some new friends, th woman and i exchanging sexual greetings while her husband and a charismic child murmured pleasurable noises. canoeing on an unknown lake, trying to embark before dark. viv, police, motorcycles in th field

Bumper Sticker [] - oneirra

Written by macheide

20 February 1978 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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