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a ten-year engagement

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a younger friend was writing poetry after my style. i liked it and read through one poem in depth, complimented and encouraged him. he feared not so much th burdens of success, but rather of carrying a label like dale c had

walking across PATH bridge over passaic river in front of a train

being invited back to bl to substitute lifeguard even though it was known i was no longer qualified, was merely more of a celebrity “guest star” type. dressing with immaculate precision before heading for th pool

meeting patty there, behind th diving boards. she spoke of a ten-year engagement that she had ahead of her with her present escort. apologetic. she thought maybe she could be ready for friendship with me after that engagement, but hinted at some possibility that a relationship betwen us immediately might “save” her from th trouble of going through what she regarded as mere training. th people around us were optimistically interested

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Written by macheide

12 February 1978 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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