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last night riding in a car with margaret on a flooded road beside a river over its banks, th water subsiding. maneuvering th car along steep snow-drifted roads, using reverse for power when needed

i returned to lc sunday school rooms, hunting for old papers. [an important sequence in hc gao-like basement with some family, but can’t recall full details] pastor gregory led me around looking for lost & found articles i might have left from my adolescent days. various scraps of paper and rotting fruit lying in dark corners, but nothing of mine

he showed me a log of church members. i tried not to make it obvious where i turned to so as not to arouse his suspicions, but he seemed to expect what i sought anyway. alone, i found th listing i was interested in elsewhere in th directory: patty martin “something.” [can’t recall th last name shown except i have th impression that it began with a letter in th middle of th alphabet, maybe slightly forward of th middle of th directory. specifically noted that she was not listed with her birth surname] she had been married twice in th five years since i had known her well enough to keep up to date, something of a desperation seemed present, i could see longings in her face although i was only looking at th church records

her second husband was someone i had known from th church. she had been widowed twice. i remembered her sitting alone with her parents

what intrigued me more was a second listing, this one simply patty martin – her daughter. patty’s birthdate was shown as july 29, th year illegible. th child’s birthdate was shown about two weeks later, into august, th year 1975 – her child was already 2 years old. i wondered how i had missed that before now

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Written by macheide

26 December 1977 at 4:04 am

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