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accident on 422

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in th lc parking lot. walking to 422 to check th traffic out. hallman clan had their cadillacs parked where pearce’s usually were at night. i walked back to a car where we used to park in the mornings, behind th office

there seemed to be some urgency at getting away, as if someone was going to come after us. i had been going to drive but was glad when someone else (an older man i looked up to) took th wheel since it was raining

th rain stopped after we’d driven down 422 past th golf course, but th street was still slippery and a car coming toward us began swerving. we narrowly avoided collision, but i turned and watched th car spin and make a vehicle behind us swerve out of control and suffer a phenomenal collision. a truck came out of th smashup careening toward us, th roof was leveled and th driver had been killed by decapitation, his body was bloody and messy chopped off at th shoulders

bill and mm were having a fight. he chased her into our bedroom. they and th reb and i were all naked. but it was just a misunderstanding, and soon they were back in bed together happy

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Written by macheide

29 November 1977 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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