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franklin station

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chet was at th cuozzo street apartment when we came back from a movie. when i began talking to him it was morning. he had stayed overnight with us in our bed. i didn’t even bother showing my displeasure, wasn’t even worth that. th reb was in th tub, so he was nervously waiting to say goodbye to her. after a while though, i got tired of having him around, so demanded he leave without giving her his regards. i was standing on a box looking out th bedroom driveway window. he was mumbling pitifully while i was ordering him out, like an absentminded wino or donald miller talking to himself. i wondered if he knew how weak he looked. maybe is was a sham to make me lower my guard

th reb was telling me she had received a card from chet for her birthday. i read it. it was written in one color on one side and another on th other. he “thought” maybe her letter answering his sep 77 one had been lost in th mail. th reb didn’t want me to phone him and tell him to shove off

i was riding th newark nj subway. patty and two of her friends got on at washington street. i thought that perhaps i could find where she lived by hiding in th shadows at th corner of washington and raymond blvd, watching which direction she came from. she was wearing a stylish cherry-colored overcoat like deb papile. although we had been headed for penn station and didn’t turn around, soon we were approaching franklin station

for a moment jim was beside me. i stood on th middle doorstep as th trolley took its turn. patty also came to th door at my left elbow but i was lost in some distant thought and avoided looking at her, not snobbish but just nonchalant

off th subway she was walking along ahead of me. as we circled behind th bakery i passed her, still not recognizing her presence, but was going to slow up behind th liquor store, then planned to greet her if she caught up. but with th construction in th old upper parking lot, a fence had been erected blocking passage behind th liquor store, and as i turned to pass into th liquor store parking lot i became a bit confused, so never did actually speak with patty

i was taking th bank book to fnsb to deposit money. th desk was near th window where th stairs curve down to th safe deposit boxes. my deposit rang wrong. instead of correcting it, they gave me a refund. another depositer was getting his own deposit ready and got his money mixed up with my refund

then th bank was 4¢ off, according to th lady teller. i laid th coins out on nearby tables, they became candy. while i was counting, some other people took some. one of th bank presidents was going to take some. i carried some stuff to his car for him in th rain

rita said she was going to spend th rest of th afternoon in th basement at a raffle/auction. a band was playing bambi in th background. i was worried about being late getting back to work, waited with lois foster on th 11th floor for th elevator. there were two full-size pool tables in th lobby. i almost got on th down elevator then got on an up elevator

i was masked, talking with d hecht in th garage in th basement, then telling th reb and margaret about rita. a hold-up was taking place in th park. after th cop was shot, th hoods took control. i was robbed of $1600

playing a french horn without keys, able to get th different notes

i had two sisters and one brother, th younger sister like jim. in th bathtub, she wanted to go to bed with me. i was watching while she and her sister bathed

bob dylan was a teacher. th school thought that he’d be able to get through to th students as a speech teacher. he sang one of his songs, strains from th rocky theme, while i did an oobe around th classroom, waking to lucy in th sky with diamonds

arguing with wayne, right side of lc auditorium. he started crowding me, rather than escalate

patty was sitting in th same row across th aisle

lee z was dancing with margaret, but she and i fell asleep on th floor together talking

picking up coins. another man came over and picked up one i was headed for, gave me a challenging look. but i decided to go with what i had rather than start a fight. sat on a toilet in a basement and shuffled through a stack of playboy magazines looking for something to read. some acquaintences of marianne’s were hanging around, they wanted me to marry her

in a new elevator at work. th door didn’t close all th way. at first i thought it was neat watching all th floors flash by, but th elevator didn’t stop at any and after 13 i began counting up until 20, when th elevator came to an abrupt stop at th roof. i’d been afraid of going through. th elevator began falling but an emergency system brought it to a shaky halt. someone inside took off th emergency door on th floor. it was frightening to look down th shaft [i pulled myself awake and although afraid that i would fall down th shaft if i stepped out of bed, i still managed to get to th bathroom]

w callender bringing back half a glass of wine he said i’d left at lunch. explaining to d hecht. outside th windows, th passaic river was flooded

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Written by macheide

8 November 1977 at 4:04 am

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