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vertical climb

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i was talking with gloria d about my job in th dark as she lay on a couch to go to sleep. she kept asking me further questions like she didn’t want me to go, but i remained ready to go to my room upstairs, like at mm‘s hurly house, with gloria d in a corner room near th road

outside th drive was like hollow road from egypt road, but downhill, going down fast like a professional driver with cousin tim, doing a dirt slide into a parking space at a slope up to the barn door

there were many of th family gathered around. i was somewhat a celebrity because of my achievements in actuarial work. i described some of th tests. walked with jim to grandma l’s house along th road near walsh’s old house near mansfield pa

walked up around a house and turned toward a railroad track. a train went by. i tried to avoid suspicion from a man at th house

then he and i were in th back seat of a car with mm and bill, still at grandma’s, up the last hill before her town. i looked up to see a grassy overhang, caught my breath as we began th ascent. th road grew steep until completely verticle. mm accelerated and i pressed hard against th seat, dizzy and frightened but exhilerated at th climb

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Written by macheide

6 November 1977 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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