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th old auditorium at bju, open air. piling up some fallen bricks on th side of th choir platforms to climb up to my place

my return was special. i was somewhat of a legend among th newer students who hadn’t known me

th university had changed its style, partly because of outside criticism, hoping to gain some commercial support. their new style was foolish and unbecoming to bju’s message. dr bj ii reminded me of a cross between hollis and a used car salesman

nancy and patty were among th choir members. th reb and i went to check mail at bju’s p.o. boxes, her box was near my old box, i didn’t recall my own combination for th old box but managed from habit to open it anyway. actually it was someone else’s box now and mine was over where patty’s had been

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Written by macheide

3 November 1977 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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