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crawling on my hands and knees toward pyc, standing exhausted for th final few years, entering as through for some class reunion into a small coatroom with a glass security door leading inside, but crawling through a heating vent to enter

at th banquet table someone was guessing it was my birthday along with someone else’s. i neither confirmed nor denied, but acted very mysterious about it as though i wanted nobody to pin me down to a date like that, outside someone whom i knew to be following me but didn’t at this time recognize me

i asked questions about th people inside and their clothing. in th third person i mentioned my clothes had been hand made by myself on a train down 422 to this place

th hospital site was an empty field, but a road curving around it and back toward 422 was lined with shade trees and english estates. i walked down th road studying how best to lose my pursuer. i knew it wouldn’t be long before he would be out of th building and after me

near 422 th houses had more th residential feel of audobon pa. approaching th highway there were two steep hills like a roller coaster. as i reached th top breathless and watching over my shoulder at my pursuer coming slow motion on horseback, i wondered about th cars attempting that slope

i started off for washington street, heading for patty‘s house

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Written by macheide

30 October 1977 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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