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th reb and i arrived home to find chet waiting there for us. i asked him how soon he thought he would be leaving us tonight, rephrasing th “how long can you stay” to more appropriately fit my feeling. th reb wasn’t nearly so harsh, but we both made it obvious he was not welcome. i wasn’t at all concerned he’d have to catch th train back to philadelphia right after catching it up here, thus wasting th trip

when he left, i stood back from th living room windows in th shadows where he couldn’t see me and watched to see if he would show any indications of being upset. walking away on th sidewalk, he turned and waved over his shoulder. i thought at first he had guessed i would be watching, but th reb had been watching from th bedroom window

i was in lc senior high school department with a group of people. b wagner was explaining something and gave me a hypodermic injection. turned out to be a truth serum and he was asking cloaked questions trying to find out if i was sterile, but i hung on to th pain in my arm th way of th fire oobe and carried myself away from th scene although leaving my body

when i came back he was complaining to someone about me being too strong to submit to th drugs. he took two of my notebooks, one of them my dream notebook, hoping to find some information from them. i took them back, accusing him of invading my personal privacy – th first thing he would have read would have told him what he was looking for about my sterility. i told him he would understand most of th dream material anyway because of my habit of abbreviations, testing him on some of th initials: wayne‘s, others in my family, some friends, some initials which evoked an image of a high school friend playing th trombone

th dream i was reading from is not one herein previous recorded, of that i am quite certain. i hesitated reading patty‘s initials, worried it might give away a secret about me, but then went ahead and read th initials, trying to remain as nonchalant as with th other initials. he guessed correctly immediately, and when he spoke her name it was as though off in pottstown she had heard th secret escape

i left and walked off toward tlr. at th corner of 422 and tlr was a carnival, church affair. patty was in line behind me, so at first i ceased reciting a poem, but after a few words with her i continued

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Written by macheide

31 August 1977 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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