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not th person in th poster

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sex with th reb. then to a museum of modern art with th reb, margaret and kathy williams. th art galleries were well arranged, with a special room for each work, displaying th individual character of th work quite well

i offered to purchase some antique lamps that margaret liked. they looked like peasant kitchen glass storage jars. i looked through a magazine in a museum aisle

th scene switched to newark nj in front of psg&e. i looked at a poster of a criminal with about six color photographs describing th man’s criminal activities. in all of th photographs he was naked, frontal, one looked like lee z, but th other shots didn’t. supposedly after his acts he used a knife to castrate himself and one photograph showed him afterwards

i was going to remove a running hose from th front of th psg&e building. a cop came th wrong way up th street. i assured him i was not th person in th poster

i walked down th street past th rob treat hotel, th sidewalk turning to ice. then i walked toward mbl, talking with th reb as though our sex earlier had been th first time, anticipating th next time, but then as we were talking it became as though th second time wads already behind us, as though talking about it had completed th act

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17 August 1977 at 4:04 am

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