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rekindled friendship

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i disembarked a train at pyc, a visitor from my travels. i walked down to bl, leaving my bicycle and some bags locked at pyc

a white stone wall about 2 to 3 feet high was being built on th pottstown side of th bl driveway. i talked with a very old and sad stan hallman about it, agreeing with him that it probably wasn’t th safest thing to do

i proceeded on to th office, where i conveyed general greetings but didn’t enter. i reminisced and talked with several people and friends, at length with dale fries, something about bju i think. it seemed now generally accepted that, in my particular situation at least, my move had been both justified and appropriate

i sat down on th grass between th pool house and th pavilion and waited. i’d seen patty‘s signature second on th list under her married name along with her husband’s name and her two children’s names [distinctly saw th surname, but no post-dream recollection]

patty came from th basketball court direction along th gravel path, up th stairs, and without hesitation greeted me, said it was good to see me back

i commented on how friendly th bl atmosphere was since a lot of th old people were back. some of th past times i’d been there, only new people came. she said yes, something of a return of th old crowd, me one of th important final links

her son was playing on th railing nearby. i complemented his sensitive beauty. she said something about him being about 6 years old, that back to just after i had left bju

she leaned over and kissed me gently on my cheek. i whispered a scolding, considering her position and th presence of others who were watching. she said it was no concern, that her husband knew of her feelings for me, th others did too, and according to her all were looking forward to th rekindling of our friendship, as its power would grant life to th community in general. she said she loved me

i made no verbal reply, although i thought my contentment to be obvious. she said one of th things she liked most about me was my legs, her voice sounding like th reb‘s. i gave no direct answer to th question of what i liked in her, but thought of a letter i had planned for her before in which i had intended to praise her grace and dignity, told her i would write her

she said she wanted to begin also writing to me, asked for my new york address. with a touch of pride, i corrected “newark” and gave her th address. a sequence of visual images of newark nj followed quickly

it was time to go. already we were entering a phase of many correspondences. i told her i had to walk back to pottstown to get my bike and gear, then go on to limerick

interrupted by one of ht new pyc directors coming down from th ballfield. stan h confronted him, upset that he’d been unseated as a director even though he’d been pyc’s founder. th new young director was arrogant. i left patty for a moment to enter th discussion, commenting on th danger of th new wall that was being built, saying that once i’d been bicycling down and had been forced by a car to come barreling into th driveway and had come out safely only because of th grass lawn to ride up on, said that if th wall had been there i’d be dead today. he hid behind th mask of his authority and refused to answer my comments, th argument degenerating into a quick volley of rather personal slurs. i detached myself and returned to patty, told her i’d advised th director he should build a wall around his own head. i was somewhat ashamed i’d been caught up in it to that extent and was apologetic

we said goodbye. i went to my bike and gear, which were behind th bl sign, and began walking up th sanatoga hill toward limerick

at th first road turning off to th left, thinking to go th back way, i paused at th house just above bl on 422. in th house, i heard some black men plotting to do away with a friend of theirs over a disputed romance. i hid in th back bedroom and in a mirror saw th victim as he was falling, th skin on his face peeled completely away down to his shoulders

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12 July 1977 at 4:04 am

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