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getting ahead of myself

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taking photographs while climbing a winding staircase up a tower like that of bmc‘s rockefeller dorm except for elaborate carved wood and worn interior decorating. in layout th building reminded me of a museum in phoenix az. at th top i looked around for a rose garden that used to be there, while others studied in classrooms below. but they had made th rose garden into a library or something, and i wasn’t really supposed to be up there. standing in a stadium – bju? new street jr high? – with mf looking off toward th building where th rose garden had been, now receding into th dark

finished a bicycle race with pfd beside me, laughing together like brothers. we walked around th track checking entrance forms for th final heat. my name had 3 points beside it: i’d had a 3rd place finish in each of th 3 preliminary heats. nobody else, not even pfd, had been as consistent or had more points, and i heard some people betting on me because of that

i walked back through th track checking th other names. i came to a registry with patty‘s name on it just as patty walked up on th arm of her husband. her new surname was italian-sounding, 5 letters i think, th final letter perhaps an o. she’d been married in july 1977 [i.e., more than 6 months after this dream]. she was registered as sandi, this puzzling me since i would not have thought that she would also have changed her other name with her marriage. her husband was very suave and proper, just th sort who would wear a suit to a sports event like this

i won th final race, but it was no big deal

[th remainder was extremely long. i kept hanging on and dragging it out. i don’t recall many details]

1) bernie was trying to ring his prayer bells, they no longer worked better than a cake pan

2) patty was there through th rest of th dream, almost as though kept there by th way i clung to th vision

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31 December 1976 at 4:04 am

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