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crossing a railroad trestle, almost to th other side. wayne and david were coming later, halfway across th trestle. i was to meet them there, but they didn’t see me. a group of people met on th trestle between us, we joined them in singing

th trestle vanished and we were all seated in a room. th meeting was almost over and i was acting as an usher

i saw patty somewhere in th room and hung around a bit longer. she came to me asking for a place to sit and i directed her to a seat in th back half of th room. i helped someone else and hoped i would get back to her sometime later

i went into a side room with curtains drawn over windows to th other room and halls. julie was waiting for me there. i completed th session where we’d interrupted it earlier today: told her about why i refused to “listen” to my dreams as she desired, about my so-called masochistic side. when i explained to her about my practice of staring at th sun, she got a frightened look in her eyes and muttered something about psychosis. she spoke of bringing someone else in on my case

but for now, she only brought in someone from my peer group to observe me. looked like roz gottshall, and julie asked her for impressions on me while i withdrew into a corner

when they finished, julie read me th results: i was seen as one with a special vision, but whose vision was very dangerous and destructive. i looked over julie’s shoulder at th completed questionaire as i might look at a history book and thanked roz for her help, but detached myself from it

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28 December 1976 at 4:04 am

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