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getting too fat

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two hockey games were to be on tv [as would actually be th case on th evening of dec 28]

wayne was finishing up th dishes. not doing so well on them: i gave him a casserole dish to do, food was still on th sides. he was perturbed enough so that when i found a yogurt ap covered inside with cheddar cheese, i toweled it off myself

wearing a t-shirt with buttons at th neck, th buttons were slightly spread. i said something about getting too fat. wayne and jim went and told mf and mm, who came out into th kitchen to reprimand me. i’d meant what i’d said only half seriously, but they made a big deal of it. jim went into th den to escape th commotion. nobody was interested in watching th hockey game anymore. i said ok i would put on some weight, but vowed inwardly to do th opposite

i went to tell wayne and jim they could watch th game again now, but for me th dark back yard looked inviting. went out without a book, to walk around. maybe to wander all night

in a football stadium, hearing a commercial on jailbird t-shirts. sucking my belly in and sporting my t-shirt, one of those advertised. someone walking behind me with one too

i was sitting in a convertible with him waiting for someone to rejoin us from a store across th intersection, was told to beware some young toughs were riding around in their car, especially since i was wearing a shirt like their leader’s

someone told us he would try to pick a fight by insulting th dodge we were in, which he did do while weaving in and out of th cars passing through th busy intersection. a police car was coming. attention was centered around a truck. th policeman jumped out – it was th fonz – and ordered th truck to a halt

i sat on a toilet in a room away from th commotion and told th reb over a phone to watch her tv, th fonz was a policeman again. th truck was from a winery run by two suspicion-inspiring brothers, suspected of being a cover for illegal operations. but nothing was found on th truck

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27 December 1976 at 4:04 am

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