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patty’s home

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i was sitting on th filter house at bl watching th people swim. after a while i saw nancy at th other side of th pool and figured patty would have arrived and would be around somewhere

some children were playing on th slide behind me. i moved to th grass behind th diving boards to watch them. a little girl was squealing in laughter, kept wavering between going down th slide and waiting on th top. patty was sitting at th bottom of th slide waiting to catch her, urging her down. a little boy was jumping up and down behind patty. finally th girl slid down th slide. when patty caught her, they both leaned dangerously over th creek side of th slide

th scene flipped, and patty was trying to keep a child from falling off some construction near th pool. i jumped up immediately to help, but th child was pulled to safety just as i did so. at th moment my thoughts had only been for th safety of th child, but as i was going back to my place on th grass i thought perhaps i should not have jumped up so quickly and thereby betrayed th close interest i had been paying

i decided to do some diving. as i walked to th diving boards, patty and nancy also came to dive. i had not come there due to guessing they might come too, and i didn’t leave now that they were there, neither did i avoid what i had wanted to do on account of them. i waited for the low diving board behind patty. when i dove, my entry was awkward. patty was still in th water

i dove again. this time patty and nancy and another girl were in th water in front of th diving board headed toward th ladder out of th pool. to avoid them i had to dive over into th high dive section of th deep end

much later i was up in th bl dressing rooms, but it was like a tractor trailer in motion: patty’s home. i sat on th top of a triple deck bunk. patty came in and i was going to show her how i got down by putting my hands on th edge of th bunk and somersaulting down, but th bunk frame was too weak and th whole bed fell apart. we laughed anyway, but someone came in and asked what all th mess and commotion were about

patty wanted me to stay

we talked for a while. once she asked me about prudential and about an actuarial career. outside some people were talking about how i could fall asleep anywhere, even on a small cramped bed. i wanted to sleep on th top bunk, which was only a square matress which measured about four by four

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12 December 1976 at 4:04 am

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