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knife battle

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i was leaving a little mission set up like a general store. th lady proprietor was thanking me, i’d been doing odd jobs for her

out in th city street, a man built like bernie taupin was yelling threats at me, like i had taken his job away from him. i followed him, but tried not to have him notice

we walked up a slope marked with step lines, this was in a building like going up th front escalators in th philadelphia reading rr terminal. at th top he turned to th left around a rounded corner and went down a flight of steps there that returned to th street level

i watched him for a moment. halfway down this flight split into a y and he took th left fork. i returned to th flight we’d just come up and i descended, now it was steps instead of an incline and i thought over how it looked different going up versus coming down

at th bottom he confronted me. he had a handful of knives. i froze in fear, didn’t know what to do. but someone else was standing with me, advised me to calm down and just let him throw th knives at us. he couldn’t do any permanent damage, and we could always just throw th knives back

a few knives were thrown at my friend. he dodged some and caught others. i decided to follow his example, so didn’t run. my enemy began throwing knives at me. i turned aside from time to time but just let most of them hit me. they stung at first, like th chill of th first drops of a frozen rain, but i was soon numb to their touch

i picked up a knife that lay at my feet and threw it back. it hit him in th belly, a vulnerable place. his hatred grew more scorching. he was throwing th last of th knives he had. my friend and i picked up handsfuls of th knives and began taking our turn

but my fear returned and i skipped off to th left and hid around a corner

then i climbed up to a ledge about 15 feet above th floor and lay as flat as possible. th battle was still raging beneath me and i hoped that when it was over my enemy would not be able to find me. scattered around th room were ledges at th same height as mine, other people were lying flat on theirs. th guy on th ledge across th fight from me peered over th edge of his post and made a remark about th awesome wickedness of our antagonist

i rested, and when i came down i was helped by a family of gentle women who lived in a house together, a dozen or so of them. they said i could stay th night. they tried to tend to my wounds. i already had a scar in my belly. one of my shoulders ached. there were holes all over my body made by th knives

i went down to th room they directed me to. th light was bright there. a hot bath was waiting for me

my enemy supposedly had been killed, but th women still feared for my safety. th next day i heard that he had escaped and was vowing to get back at me. out in th street i saw him on a prison truck with other convicts and he screamed out something about my white shirt and swore he would get even with me

i went back to work in th little mission set up like a general store

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Written by macheide

28 November 1976 at 4:04 am

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