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recapturing my cobra

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i had a pet cobra, and although i had never had trouble with it, i was worried when it got away from me and i couldn’t find it in th bedroom. jim said he had been bitten several times by a snake and twice by a spider. i kept looking around, saw th snake lying on an open book. i quickly closed th book and flattened th snake. then i carefully peeled it out and prepared to hang it on th wall

i went to where a patrolman was standing about 100 feet down from a traffic light, wanted to cross th street. two black children came from th direction of th light, happily chattering. th girl, younger, crossed th street and entered a building, to a carnival or fair

but cars were coming and th boy waited and exchanged a few words with th patrolman, who was also black. said it was his sister’s birthday, said his turn would come on wednesday. cars kept coming, always at intervals just barely too close to cross between waves

a bus unloaded up th street. about ten people joined us at th crossing. doug fritz was bringing up th rear, he was thinner and had on a gray 3-piece suit

i frowned. i was wearing my green 3-piece suit and didn’t like it that he and i were th only two dressed so: if he was going to wear a 3-piece, then i’d rather not. we acted as though we’d not seen each other

finally we got impatient and ran across th road between some cars. inside th building was th lc auditorium. doug f walked up th aisle toward a seat in th front right section. i smiled sardonically and wondered where his wife was

i saw some empty seats on th back left and went around to th side aisle. thought i saw patty sitting about two rows from th back. chose one empty row about five rows in front of that for myself, then moved over toward th center aisle. there was a handbag sitting in th middle of th pew. sang th chords of a hymn without th hymnal and reached for th bible in th pew as a scriptural reading began

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Written by macheide

21 November 1976 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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