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motorcycle vignettes

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i picked one of th green striped shirts from th closet, put it on, then realized that my choice demanded that my green suit be worn

in a place like th north side of th wtc with bju auditorium as th building, i was walking among scattered groups of people calculating how to fire a pistol so that th ricochet wouldn’t harm anyone. i got into an argument with someone on th steps to th auditorium. either he or i fired, and someone to th east fell. we were holding smashed slugs in our hands

in half light, driving along 422 beside ursinus away from limerick. saw th silhouette of a motorcycle pulling in front of us from th left and doing a wheelie. another motorcycle pulled in behind th first, and i found that by pulling a string inside our car i could made th second one jump up in th air like a paper marionette. someone told me i shouldn’t be cruel to th driver, but he always seemed to come down to th pavement unharmed. as soon as i noticed this, however, he came down at a bad angle and smashed along th road. i didn’t see th whole crash, only th very beginning where i knew he was not going to make it

later there was a motorcyclist outside our house asking for help. he had dreamed of a flag. i briefly saw his dream [but have no post-dream memory of it]. he kept seeing th flag and was afraid it meant his brother was going to be killed and so he came to us for help. but nobody would listen

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Written by macheide

17 November 1976 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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