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knife battle

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i was leaving a little mission set up like a general store. th lady proprietor was thanking me, i’d been doing odd jobs for her

out in th city street, a man built like bernie taupin was yelling threats at me, like i had taken his job away from him. i followed him, but tried not to have him notice

we walked up a slope marked with step lines, this was in a building like going up th front escalators in th philadelphia reading rr terminal. at th top he turned to th left around a rounded corner and went down a flight of steps there that returned to th street level

i watched him for a moment. halfway down this flight split into a y and he took th left fork. i returned to th flight we’d just come up and i descended, now it was steps instead of an incline and i thought over how it looked different going up versus coming down

at th bottom he confronted me. he had a handful of knives. i froze in fear, didn’t know what to do. but someone else was standing with me, advised me to calm down and just let him throw th knives at us. he couldn’t do any permanent damage, and we could always just throw th knives back

a few knives were thrown at my friend. he dodged some and caught others. i decided to follow his example, so didn’t run. my enemy began throwing knives at me. i turned aside from time to time but just let most of them hit me. they stung at first, like th chill of th first drops of a frozen rain, but i was soon numb to their touch

i picked up a knife that lay at my feet and threw it back. it hit him in th belly, a vulnerable place. his hatred grew more scorching. he was throwing th last of th knives he had. my friend and i picked up handsfuls of th knives and began taking our turn

but my fear returned and i skipped off to th left and hid around a corner

then i climbed up to a ledge about 15 feet above th floor and lay as flat as possible. th battle was still raging beneath me and i hoped that when it was over my enemy would not be able to find me. scattered around th room were ledges at th same height as mine, other people were lying flat on theirs. th guy on th ledge across th fight from me peered over th edge of his post and made a remark about th awesome wickedness of our antagonist

i rested, and when i came down i was helped by a family of gentle women who lived in a house together, a dozen or so of them. they said i could stay th night. they tried to tend to my wounds. i already had a scar in my belly. one of my shoulders ached. there were holes all over my body made by th knives

i went down to th room they directed me to. th light was bright there. a hot bath was waiting for me

my enemy supposedly had been killed, but th women still feared for my safety. th next day i heard that he had escaped and was vowing to get back at me. out in th street i saw him on a prison truck with other convicts and he screamed out something about my white shirt and swore he would get even with me

i went back to work in th little mission set up like a general store

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Written by macheide

28 November 1976 at 4:04 am

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recapturing my cobra

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i had a pet cobra, and although i had never had trouble with it, i was worried when it got away from me and i couldn’t find it in th bedroom. jim said he had been bitten several times by a snake and twice by a spider. i kept looking around, saw th snake lying on an open book. i quickly closed th book and flattened th snake. then i carefully peeled it out and prepared to hang it on th wall

i went to where a patrolman was standing about 100 feet down from a traffic light, wanted to cross th street. two black children came from th direction of th light, happily chattering. th girl, younger, crossed th street and entered a building, to a carnival or fair

but cars were coming and th boy waited and exchanged a few words with th patrolman, who was also black. said it was his sister’s birthday, said his turn would come on wednesday. cars kept coming, always at intervals just barely too close to cross between waves

a bus unloaded up th street. about ten people joined us at th crossing. doug fritz was bringing up th rear, he was thinner and had on a gray 3-piece suit

i frowned. i was wearing my green 3-piece suit and didn’t like it that he and i were th only two dressed so: if he was going to wear a 3-piece, then i’d rather not. we acted as though we’d not seen each other

finally we got impatient and ran across th road between some cars. inside th building was th lc auditorium. doug f walked up th aisle toward a seat in th front right section. i smiled sardonically and wondered where his wife was

i saw some empty seats on th back left and went around to th side aisle. thought i saw patty sitting about two rows from th back. chose one empty row about five rows in front of that for myself, then moved over toward th center aisle. there was a handbag sitting in th middle of th pew. sang th chords of a hymn without th hymnal and reached for th bible in th pew as a scriptural reading began

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Written by macheide

21 November 1976 at 4:04 am

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unwanted ménage à trois

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th reb and i were at bmc, although it reminded me of th meadow beside th pond at bju. we were lying together on a blanket, unhurried foreplay

once i looked up and noticed a young woman coming up th walk from th pond. she was looking in our direction, but i figured th brush around us would give us enough privacy, so th reb and i continued. a while later i looked up again and th woman was a step or two closer, and again a while later. it seemed she was taking forever to pass. although i still thought she couldn’t see us, i nestled in closer to a bush. but when i looked up, she was standing directly above us, with a hard cold look in her eye. i couldn’t see why she was being such a bitch, it wasn’t as though we were th only couple lying thus on th campus, it was common practice

but it turned out she’d not come to stop, but to join. that was absurd and i was very upset. but she revealed that she was patrolling th ground in an official capacity and would report us if we did not consent to her desires and allow her to join us. th reb gave her consent and th woman undressed and lay down on th other side of me. she was very demanding. i eventually had sex with her from her back

i was doing some personal reconnaissance work on a dark house. nonchalant, hands in my pockets. but some friends were being held hostage by some people in that house, and i was waiting for some help to come so we could release th captives

i knew already what would happen: i could see us causing a commotion and breaking in, i could see us cornering th captors, i could see my sword finding its mark with one of th captors on th landing halfway up th stairs

i looked around a corner of th house and up th driveway. a crowd of friends was coming to help. we stood on th sill of one of th downstairs windows and with sticks smashed a 2nd floor window where we knew th captors to be, yelling challenges. i was remembering th picture i had of this before and was doing my part like an actor in a play, following th script. i jumped down and began smashing all th 1st floor windows, most of th wall was window. i jumped into an empty room looking for a fight, had a little duel with one of th antagonists

then there followed a short interjected scene where i shared a bathtub with that person, while my allies watched on

running with him out behind th house in a field of long grass, singing lyrics from jesus christ superstar, leading th man to a tree in th middle of th field. my friends were calling me back, but i wouldn’t listen. when finally i did go back, i was walking slowly in pouring rain and that opponent was no longer around. my friends were all standing waiting for me like an audience

th music came to a pause, it was right after judas uttered th words of betrayal. i looked at th expectant faces around me, for a moment th only sound was a monotonous rain

then again, like i was in a movie, i turned to look up th stairs behind me, a flight up to a landing then two more flights circling around to th left to a loftlike room above, and as i turned th music began again, soft but persistent, th disciple’s song at th last supper

th hostages had been freed, th skirmish basically over, but one captor remained and wouldn’t surrender. she stood on th landing and i approached her with my sword pointing, walking as in a dream

as i made my thrust, however, she dodged and slithered up th stairs, and th spell was broken. she spat at me like an angry cat, hissing indeciperable curses, her eyes were black fire. i leaped up onto th railing of th loft jabbing with my sword, and at first she managed to dodge. but sh eventually would have been beaten anyway, so she began to throw herself at my sword, still spitting a continuous torrent of venomous hatred

her back was soon without skin, only ripped and ugly red flesh. in one final rage she jumped upon me. i was afraid she intended to drag me to death with her on th floor below and i shook her vigorously, her ugly back swelling inches from my face, making my stomach weak. then she fell to th floor below, tangled in her ripped clothes, so that her head was covered. i turned and fell down on her, bringing th weight of my fall into my elbows as i aimed one at her head and one at her lower back

when i stood, almost everyone was gone. everything was quiet. i was not even short of breath. i avoided looking at th crumpled bundle on th floor. a child went over and nudged at th girl, and for an instant his hope seemed to give life back to her. but i crisply announced that she was indeed dead, i could still feel th electricity of her backbone and neck snapping under my elbows. we stood awhile in embarrassed silence, waiting for th body to leave us

tom mosteller mentioned something about a card game we’d been partners in before th conflict, where if i’d been watching what cards had gone down, i would have known that th last remaining one was th ace of spades. that was th card i had needed, but i hadn’t been keeping track

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Written by macheide

18 November 1976 at 4:04 am

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motorcycle vignettes

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i picked one of th green striped shirts from th closet, put it on, then realized that my choice demanded that my green suit be worn

in a place like th north side of th wtc with bju auditorium as th building, i was walking among scattered groups of people calculating how to fire a pistol so that th ricochet wouldn’t harm anyone. i got into an argument with someone on th steps to th auditorium. either he or i fired, and someone to th east fell. we were holding smashed slugs in our hands

in half light, driving along 422 beside ursinus away from limerick. saw th silhouette of a motorcycle pulling in front of us from th left and doing a wheelie. another motorcycle pulled in behind th first, and i found that by pulling a string inside our car i could made th second one jump up in th air like a paper marionette. someone told me i shouldn’t be cruel to th driver, but he always seemed to come down to th pavement unharmed. as soon as i noticed this, however, he came down at a bad angle and smashed along th road. i didn’t see th whole crash, only th very beginning where i knew he was not going to make it

later there was a motorcyclist outside our house asking for help. he had dreamed of a flag. i briefly saw his dream [but have no post-dream memory of it]. he kept seeing th flag and was afraid it meant his brother was going to be killed and so he came to us for help. but nobody would listen

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Written by macheide

17 November 1976 at 4:04 am

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