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through a telescope

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i purchased a telescope at th king of prussia penneys in th toy department upstairs where th furniture dept now is

back later at a house th robinsons were living in, i was getting ready to go to bed after taking a long while. we were planning to end our visit with them in th morning. i couldn’t remember where i’d left th telescope and began looking for it. i thought that someone might have taken it, and i wasn’t so upset at th waste of $19, but i didn’t want th reb to be angry with me. i asked gloria d and sonny jim to keep their eyes open for it. tim helped me look for it. we looked over several boxes and bundles in th car and beside th fireplace where th sleeping bags were laid out, but still couldn’t find it. tim was being very helpful, he took it almost as a personal challenge

mf came downstairs, began yelling at me. he wanted me in bed sleeping, didn’t want me bothering th robinsons that late at night. i was upset with mf’s interference and stomped around spitting out angry words and waving a thin sabre. i slashed a line in th carpet and threatened everything else in th room with my rage

i must have eventually found th telescope. th next day i was in th back seat riding with some friends and watching th cars on a city street through th far side of th telescope. i looked through th near side too, window to another world

along a country road between hilly yellow fields we rode. we passed a hiker with a tennis raquet. an old friend of one of my companions, and a member of a strange and secret religious sect

i waited to leave a building that seemed a blend of hc gym, upper niches of rockefeller dorm, and eventually bmc gym

times turned over, i practiced mazes on th stairs and spoke curious words with th young men there, quietly dreaming of home. th young men then were bedding while i was leafing casually through a stack of playboy magazines i’d found stashed beneath a blanket. i slipped quietly down th back stairs, looked in th big room – bmc gym – where private rites were being held

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25 September 1976 at 4:04 am

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