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campers with toothbrushes

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i was walking through th parking lot of th clara maass hospital toward franklin ave. someone was approaching me. he was holding a toothbrush with three or four pair of nozzles in place of brushes. as he passed, i observed him as a retarded young man. but he was anxious to learn new things and was off to camp. and i saw four or five others similarly pass, all with toothbrushes

as i reached th dirt path that shortcuts to franklin ave, i discovered an accounting error or adjustment. if corrected, it would save up to 50% of th money handled in that particular account by mbl

[from a few nights ago: we were to go to a stadium, and i saw its place in philly along beside another sports arena a bit north of city hall. i saw this on a map, or as a panoramic view of a scale model. we were driving on th expressway into th city. i saw an exit to th right going to th 30th street station. but we wanted to go to th left, to th stadiums. i remembered that th philadelphia art museum was to th left, near where th stadiums should be. it struck me as familiar in a way, th way things were clumped together to th left of th river, and i thought of th left bank in paris, and then i saw th schuylkill curling around like th river seine]

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24 September 1976 at 4:04 am

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