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patty at th window

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i stood outside th homeroom, waiting to begin walking down th hall. th homeroom teacher was telling me to wait, he even wanted me back in th room with everyone else. but i told him that i drove a car now, didn’t ride on the bus. car drivers were allowed to leave before bus riders. th teacher said alright and went back into th room to excuse th other car drivers

i began walking down th hall, as though toward schlegel’s room, but it seemed i was in limerick elementary although it didn’t look like limerick elementary. i kept my eye on th light coming from th set of doors ahead, behind me i heard th other drivers from my homeroom rustling to stand and leave

as i neared th doors i broke from a walk into a light jog to beat th crowds. i was th first outside from my homeroom, but other drivers from other homerooms were already among th cars. here outside it did appear as though i was at th lower end on th front side of limerick elementary, except th front lawn was paved. i walked toward th upper end of th lot to look for my car

th reb had been going through some old books, wanting to get rid of ones like th hardy boy series. she was leafing through a tom swift book, and i remembered a photo i’d wanted to save like th photos in th children’s book on jeanne of france. th reb seemed to know i was looking for something specific and what it was, and she also looked for th photo, along with me, over my shoulder

i saw one captioned washington street and thought at first it was what i wanted, but it was the wrong washington street. when i noticed that and pointed it out, we looked further and found th one of n washington, pottstown. it looked so familiar, so inviting

i was there on my bicycle, watching th house on th right of th dead end. patty’s father came out, started his car, and drove off in th direction of lc. i was a block down washington, and i turned around hoping to short cut over to th road cutting in toward washington down 422 and be bicycling there when he drove by. but although th street was almost level, th bicycle acted as though i was on a steep hill, and i could not accelerate at all

i gave up and looked back to th house. patty’s father was away, and patty would be there alone. for th first time ever – i felt i’d been circling there for days and days – i left my post at th corner closest to patty’s house and approached

jim was with me, and i convinced him to enter a barn with me, an abandoned place on the near side of th house. th front door was at th corner near patty’s house, and it creaked loudly when we opened it, calling patty to th window of her room at that corner on th second floor. but she was not looking to see about th noise, rather was staring off into th disstance, perhaps looking for her father – if so, she was looking in th wrong direction – or perhaps looking for that boy who’d been circling at th corner on his bike. a sad portrait, th fisherman’s wife watching th sea. i saw these things in her clouded eyes as i studied her face through an opening on th loft

i greeted her then, acting surprised to see her there, like it was but a meeting by chance

[post-dream recollection: seeing th face of one of th nextdoor neighbor boys at his window when being punished]

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21 September 1976 at 4:04 am

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