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new brenner sculpture

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i needed to fill my suspensory with water, because i knew that it would help make things more comfortable following th vasectomy. i rummaged through a table with a pile of shoes, looking for an extra pair of sneakers, i was in a shop resembling th robinson’s somers point house. i found a pair i wanted, thin sneakers that were built like ballet slippers. i had taken all of my clothes off to try on th sneakers, david was around and was making sounds about giving me his clothes and going to rescue me. we had to go to dinner, and i sat down without getting dressed

i was sitting learning about a new part of my actuarial job. i left, and outside th back door of th arcola house stood a marvelous new welded sculpture by bernie. th same basic brenner style, but this one was fifty feet high. i was quite amazed at its beauty, and fell in love with it at first sight. i thought of th flute player and th beethoven, and i was not sure that this new one ranked above those as favorites, but it was at least right behind those. and i wanted it! i spent a while raving over it

bernie came home, and we were getting ready to go out, viv was standing in th driveway. when i turned to tell bernie what i thought of his new sculpture, i saw that he had nothing on. viv and bernie were not getting along too well with each other, i heard her say something in disgust, and i turned around to find she’d undressed and now was also naked. i looked at th reb, she was confused and on th verge of tears

everyone was ready to go out, and i jumped into th car with th two guys bernie had come in with, who looked like some of chris’ friends. they weren’t paying too much attention to th dream, th car kept drifting backwards down th driveway, and i said something sharp about th inadvisability of drifting backward down th brenner drive

everyone came out to go, only one of th two guys was still around, and he and i were th only ones clothed. that being th case, we loaded th car – a convertible – with th reb and viv on either side of david, all nude, in th back seat; me on th left side in front, with th one clothed guy beside me, bernie driving on th right side with his girlfriend marianne at his side

and i came back from an hour of study to join bob marks at joe castles’ desk, on a platform where it normally sits. bob said joe had been on th phone for most of th hour – he still was, but was almost off – so i hadn’t missed much. he showed me some of his worksheets we were to be working over

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17 September 1976 at 4:04 am

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