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full moon spider bite

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th newspaper delivery boy told us that our papers would begin arriving. we were in th cuozzo street apartment situated at grandpa’s hollow road house. mm went out to pull th car around from th back to th uphill side driveway, we were going to wash it in preparation for church. i went out to help, along with mf, wayne, and th reb

th car was almost finished being washed, but i asked to stay out a while longer to work on th interior and a few other minors. th car began rolling down th drive, so mm went to turn it around. but then it began backing down th driveway. so we had to park it perpendicular to th driveway’s incline, with th wheels anchored in some ruts

i had barely begun work when i was struck by pain in two places. one was minor, a leg cramp or something. but th pain in my right shoulder and neck was very much worse. it stung and it burned, i wanted to cry out and could not. i could not see where i was or what i was doing, only th pain was there. when it subsided somewhat, i found i was in th apartment once again

mf was stomping about at something on th floor and muttering about a tarantula. i decided i must have suffered through a spider bite and withdrew to a corner to be left alone. at length i heard wayne and th reb getting into an argument, wayne saying something derogatory about th reb’s spiritual life. forgetting th pain that still throbbed in my shoulder, i came to her defense and reprimanded wayne quite soundly. i lectured him for quite a while, quoting from th bible to support my advice to him. we were walking together through a densely wooded mountainous region. he offered little or nothing in defense of himself

we were hiking back homeward, and nightfall was quickly approaching. one ridge lay between us and our destination, and we left th road that curved around to th left and plunged straight into th forest. th shadows were very deep, and soon i began thinking the we had been stupid to risk getting lost in th dark. i thought that if we hadn’t been going in circles, then th highway on th ridge’s other side should be near, and i strained my eyes to look for carlights. but my eyes acted as they often had upon commuting home to royersford from philly on th reading railroad. and although i was certain that i had my eyes open, only a soft fuzzy blackness lay before me

even when i began hearing th cars almost right beside me, i could see nothing until wayne said “there it is” and then th busy highway was completely visible to me but a few yards ahead. we crossed th highway to two buildings which reminded me of th one in which th bju post office was and th bju auditorium, walking into th auditorium one. two beltways such as are found at airports led to th innermost rooms, th righthand one out of operation, th lefthand one th inbound belt

i boarded th operational beltway and began walk,ing, but now th belt was moving against me, more like an exercise machine than an airport belt, and i was soon back where i began. i tried again, but again with th same result. we complained to a man who stood beside th belts

then someone was rushed in through th doors on a stretcher, covered completely by a white sheet. he was tossed onto th moving belt, and before th belt could carry him back to us, th sheet was grabbed by someone who had appeared at th other end of th belt, and th person was pulled across and carried inside. hunting accident, it was explained, and there had been an earlier one too. that must be why i am here, i thought: i must have had a hunting accident back in th woods. but i could not recall what had happened to me earlier, although i could vaguely remember th pain

i am a poet at drexel giving fatherly advice to tim clark. a woman in th limerick elementary art room undresses and kneels over where i lie, pulling my kisses into her lap. i do an evaluation on mr richards’ class and then leave to run a marathon

patty walks around me toward cuozzo from a small church on brighton, but although i invite her to drop by soon for conversation, i forget her and leave her. th reb is patty’s sister and looks like her, so when patty approaches me at pyc and says something of love coming to light, i ignore her

i ride buses through philly while watching from above as though looking at a map of paris. i enter a building too high to see th top on one side where th sky is sunny, and i walk through a red-carpeted lounge to a door on th other side, where it is drizzling outside

i ready myself for a swim across th atlantic from spain, although th sky is cloudy and there has just been a tidal wave. there were battles being fought on haverford’s front lawn, but i make it past th front wall. i ride escalators and run about on stairways that float high above displays for christmas shoppers. i go to a beatles rally for drexel people in th 30th street station, sit with bernie in a loft like in th barn at houghton, and am warned by him against publicly complaining about paul mccartney monopolizing th scene

i take a test in th actuarial series, esp and precognition are th subjects of th eight questions

there is a large wolf loose behind th tlr house, although donald says that some girls were just screaming to get some attention. neverthless i am worried when i find th front door open and don’t see th reb around. but when i call, then i find her cleaning out a closet with maya’s student editor (ed gretz)

i have gone to none of th english classes all semester, but bruce tyson tells me th next assignment, and i find i am not badly off. several girls are changing their shirts in th cafeteria of limerick’s elementary school

i roll an orange down th hall, but leave it when it rolls into an occupied classroom and go to help bernie teach his class

knights on horseback still-framing it through a legend captioned with ornate old english letters

in a theatre i stand at th toilet for a long time. outside is an amusement park with a boat roller coaster, and when a child is injured on it i try to assist with some first aid, even after th child becomes only a broken branch to my eyes

although it was ninety yesterday and still rather warm most of today, a drizzle turns to snow, and i open my mouth and eat th big flakes as i slip and slide away from th franklin station subway stop toward home

patty and nancy are sitting nearby in a chapel service at hc taught by dr robertson, i am th first downstairs to look for letters from th reb

bill brainbridge on main street in royersford, in a candy shop where th town hall is. waiting for a train at royersford’s depot, running a race in spring city while delivering messages. doing a play with wayne at houghton after ignoring displeasure from others over taking my shower on stage before everyone, i am a veteran who has lost a leg and i know th part even before they give th script to me

intrigue and chases around th arcola house. i shoot a waterfall of several hundred feet in terraces on th perk and then give my hand to save a line of children falling over its edge. elevator in a house and only i know

bright full moon rising over an empty street

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Written by macheide

12 September 1976 at 4:04 am

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