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cuozzo street

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in th cuozzo street apartment, except a few things were switched around: th bathroom was across from where th piano normally was, th couch was put where th front door of th room was, with th phonograph on th kitchen side of th couch, th door now being where th bathroom normally was

señora rothstein was trying to play a record, but didn’t know how th turntable worked and was trying to keep it going around by manually pushing it. music was coming through th speakers, but it was from th radio instead of from th phonograph. señora eventually gave up and sat in a chair across th room from where wayne and i were lounging on th couch. i turned and looked at th wall behind and also above th couch, th only remaining place unpainted after recent work in th apartment

and although i had not noticed it before, i now saw drawn on th wall th head of a cat, cartoon-like. left by th child of th previous tenants, is what i thought. th cat was saying something implying that neighboring houses were full of rats. two more cat head drawings appeared below th first, in action sequence, then some full drawings of th cat behind th couch, all in exquisite animation

after studying these drawings for a while, i stood to put on a record. i pulled a copy of vivaldi’s four seasons, was about to place th disc on th turntable when i noticed that a clear plastic finish on th record was bubbled up a bit. i examined th grooves more closely and found that th record had been fashioned from pieces like pie wedges. these had not been fit together well, and th grooves ran off th edge of th disc on most of th wedges

i showed this to wayne and told him i could not play th record. then i went to th refrigerator, which was situated in a dark pantry where th bedroom of th apartment normally was, where on th top of th refrigerator were three boxes of candy, one for me and one each for my brothers. i took my box as jim was emptying his, and i took three cherry-like candies, intending to sell or exchange them to my advantage

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11 September 1976 at 4:04 am

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