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act ii

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i come down from th iron steps at lc in a scarlet cape and march toward th rear of th church, greeted like royalty by lines of friends on either side, an informal court following behind me

later standing beside lc’s garage, i see patty standing alone at th breezeway. i see her at th same moment that she recognizes me. uneasily her eyes turn away at once, and for some reason i find purpose through taking such definite note of this hesitant aversion. i walk over to her and ask her if she is who i thought she was, as though uncertain that i have recognized her correctly after so many years. our conversation is relaxed as i enquire about how she had been at bju after my departure. she asks about hc and i am mildly surprised that she doesn’t know i’d moved on from there years ago

i begin to fill in a few of th more recent details, but th experience begins feeling too real, so extremely real. th flip side of deja vu. it is difficult for me to believe i am in a dream until i make th conscious effort to cut straight out of th scene without farewell or explanation

there is a moment of darkness

[but i do not waken, and then i continue subdued dreaming. when i awaken, i am in a deeply pensive mood with no sides up on which to crawl out, and my thought wander aimlessly]

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Written by macheide

26 July 1976 at 4:04 am

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