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i put a small snowball on th right windowsill in erdman 365, turned around and said something to th reb about my thumb being restricted by whatever was on my hands (mittens? gloves?) and so i couldn’t make snowballs too well. i knelt in petrauskas’ front yard and cut through th crust of a foot-high snowfall, made a few snowballs. wanted to throw them out on th road, but a line of too many cars was going by, i kept hesitating. something about a sherlock holmes novel kept probing my mind, but never consolidated. i gave up on th snowballs and crunched through th snow toward home, th cars had made snow ridges in th road that were over two feet high, made driving rather slow. as i entered th garage, someone stuck his head out th door and said school had been called off. by th time i turned around again, th snow had melted down to merely a thin icy sheet over th grass, nothing with which to enjoy th day off

i received a letter from sandi, read it in th tlr kitchen, it seemed to ignore/forget th past exchange of recent date, chattered on as if nothing at all had happened. i didn’t finish reading th letter. i went down a flight of stairs into th basement of a dormitory, reminded me of th right side of hc‘s luckey building, where the student store used to be located. to th right at th bottom of th stairs was a dorm room, i heard sandi talking with another woman. i took th next door to th right, a lavatory. behind th door was a cubicle with a shower, which i turned on. in th back of th same cubicle, a toilet, i undressed to sit down on it. my underwear was very dirty, even with only one day’s wear. over th noise of th shower i heard sandi and her friend talking as they passed down th hallway, i tensed until they were past

when i came out, i was home and expecting to hear from tim soon. outside was th noise of a motorcycle, i thought it might be him, so i went out to meet him. out th back way, because i thought sandi might still be lurking around. th area was like th gleason drive residence, and i cut through th back yards toward larry lane. then up germantown road, and i heard th motorcycle drawing closer from east ridge direction, turned into gleason drive. i walked around to th house, still watching out for sandi

back home, and it might have been tim at first, but then johnny. we talked for a while, i forget what about, except that maybe he’d served a term in prison

then we went out back, where with a few other people we worked on building up a fire. this was once again tlr, and th fire was on top of a stack of concrete blocks between th maple tree and th hedge. th flames weren’t getting enough air, we could see little spurts of orange between pieces of plywood stacked together. then a relative of th donleys – actually, he physically resembled spook – lit a rolled-up page of a magazine, intending to light up th fire some more from th outside. he got in some sort of argument with someone and soon burned his hands, since he was just standing there holding th burning page. i took him inside for first aid, johnny and donald with me. donald taking on role of leader of donley clan, and then threatening to turn in th injured man to th police. i argued with him, th guy’d simply burned his hand, johnny backed me up. i reflected on th switch in th relative positions and attitudes of don and johnny. donald finally stomped out, and i resumed treating th fellow’s hand

then mrs donley was outside th bathroom window, demanding to know who i thought i was, doing this in defiance of donald and all. i asked her if she intended to listen to what i had to say. she ranted on. i repeated my question, then went outside to talk with her. i never got too far beyond asking her if she really wanted to hear th other side of th thing as we walked around th back yard hassling things out. near th maple tree th ground was soggy and muddy, mrs donley stopped arguing at first, intending to pick on a new topic, asked about our sewage system. i hesitated, thinking we were indeed having problems with out french drain, since th muck appeared to be for th most part below where th system was. then we noticed th puddle extended up past th side of th house, soon observed a growing steam of water coming from th mayhew’s lawn. mrs donley said my father would certainly have something to say about that when he got home

later, i was in th upper outpost of two of an arctic camp, between th two posts a field like that of football, basically cleared of snow, but th snow around th field stretching above to an undertermined height. i went out to take th mail down to th lower station, it was found in a roundish sack that reached into th snow like a pocket. an image of monkey-like figures in brightly colored snow uniforms, they would hinder me on th trip down, but then it just seemed like some game similar to “american eagle”

then th image faded, i was alone in wildly blowing snow. i began down th field, slowing at first because i had to slide away from about a dozen hurdles that were in my way. then i was racing down th field top speed with th mail bag, rushing quite seriously – no game any longer – from th fear of th monkey-like figures, who now seemed like renegades who would want me and my mail bag

slid th mail bag into an opening in th station level with th ground outside, a three or four foot drop to th floor inside. then i was in. th door was similar to a screen door with glass storm windows; except when th door was swung across th opening then th way was open, while when th door was swung away and back against th wall then instead of being open th was was closed. before i had it closed we saw th lights of a vehicle arriving, it was a bus. at first we thought them th renegades as they got off th bus, they had bright orange snow suits on. but then we found they were our own comrades, i recognized some as people i knew, and they all bustled inside

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Written by macheide

17 September 1973 at 4:04 am

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