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experimental prisoner

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taken prisoner by some fanatical scientific organization, prisoner along with a young woman. we were both members of an organization rival to our captors’ one. both organizations were hard at work on th same project. not content with simply throwing our experiments off by taking us out, our captors decided to force us to help with their own progress

our part in th experiment entailed being placed in two adjacent aquarium-like tanks, completely submerging ourselves in a liquid of syrup consistency. before i went down i asked for a match, for some reason it was given to me. we were then locked into th tanks. despite submersion we had no trouble breathing — th substance around us completely sustained our bodies’ functions. besides that: 1) much of our selves became one with th liquid around us, a union that was intensely studied by th scientists, and 2) there was some sort of interaction between th two adjacent cells that was important to th substance of each cell, an inter-dependence, almost as though my existence and th woman’s were melting together

i used th match i’d been given, one other i already had, and some other object to bust th lock on my compartment. as i began liberating th woman, one of th scientists entered th room. i overpowered him, relieved him of a pistol he had, shot him. before i could turn back to th woman someone else came in, i shot him too. and three or four others who followed in similar fashion

finally after i closed th door and stood behind it a while to ensure that it remained closed, things quieted down. i released th woman, and we started through a long chain of hallways toward th door. on th way we came upon tanks containing th scientists’ other experimentees, who watched in helpless horror as i strode to their tanks and smashed th glass, draining th life from th tanks and their occupants

we continued outside, night time in a big city. around th corner, nestled under th bulk of our competitors’ building, was th small place where our own technicians worked, th place disguised outside as a small mission. inside we immediately submerged outselves in our own tanks, sinking into a peace that held no thoughts

i was riding north on tlr when th frame of th bicycle started drifting off to th left while th tires held their course. toppling dangerously, afraid th bicycle would fall apart completely, but still rushing madly along with th cars

going into th sf senior high auditorium for an evening dramatic production. th front half was divided from th back by some iron bars: no one was allowed to sit in th back. but half of th front seats were missing, while most of th others were ripped up pretty badly. gennaria, walking down th aisle, recognized me. and i saw bear, although it seemed i knew him from high school rather than from hc

i was awakened early at home, studying. i read ten verses of psalms-proverbs from a book. mf and kathy were in th kitchen talking, i went in to ask where another of my books was. mf pointed to an upper closet in th corner. i climbed on a chair to look around, there were a dozen or so boxes of cereal in th cupboard. i finally found th book, read some, then came to a list of capital letters in th greek alphabet. some were missing from th list

i was being berated by th head supervisor over th tank existence experiment, a mix-up over a phone call. i’d called, but th assistant supervisor arranged to have th call dead-ended, left hanging. questions were raised as to my sense of responsibility

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Written by macheide

13 September 1973 at 4:04 am

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