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riding in th back seat of a car with wayne, and he said of farming: it is about th only job left with a solid future in it, that i ought to look into it, that he didn’t want his support falling through. i got th impression he was to be a missionary. i reassured him as to th security of th career to which i was headed, and saw fit to support my explanations with information that in th next few years th united states would be selling over 75% of its refined oil overseas and would keep less than 10% for its own needs. he seemed satisfied by that explanation. we left him with a smiling man who welcomed him with a warm embrace

later back where we’d begun, we met that man again as he was being subjected to an official inquiry into his reputation. interjected throughout th proceedings were images of me on a top bunk scrubbing th sheets with a brush and soap. constant work brought th white sheets to a blue-tinted grey and then to a lovely combination of brown and blue, th blue being in pairs of stripes over th brown as background

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Written by macheide

11 September 1973 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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