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poetry warnings

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baudelaire was swimming in a pool th size of hc‘s, he dove and hid in a corner at th bottom when he heard someone at th door. when they momentarily left, he jumped out and ran through a back door. he was chased by several men who, it became evident, were disturbed by his styles of writing. he escaped by jumping on a bus, his pursuers had to guess where th bus would be going. they were in paris. baudelaire remained on th bus as it made a large u trip to bring him to a busy section of th city, where he could more easily shake off pursuit. he stepped off th bus at a park. i looked up and saw a street sign that said Square de Rebecca

with wayne and jim at th ocean. a strange phenomenon was attracting everyone’s attention: th water was rising steadily without stopping. not by storm nor tide. one man had already been killed. after jim left, wayne and i sat on th rocks discussing our different poetic spirits as th water continued rising around us. then i spent some time with jim writing about model rockets and ordering kits for him

and in a building resembling th morse electro warehouse with show windows instead of walls i played variations of handball with some people i did not recognize. until th water rose into th room, when we stopped and watched th light grow dim outside. mf came from talking with someone in th warehouse office rooms and solemnly stated that th waves had already killed one man. we told him we knew

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28 January 1973 at 4:50 pm

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