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back at bju for my junior year, it seemed i was welcomed back happily by everyone as though they all had personally wanted me in particular to return. rooms arranged like a row of cottages where hc‘s fine arts and music buildings are. five per room, and we were joking ken ray because he wasn’t with us anymore so everyone else in th room was probably th same as before. we were having preliminary meetings in a large hall at about where th north wing of east hall would be

once after one of these, when i was walking back to th room with some of th guys, i pulled a yoyo from my pocket and slipped th string onto my finger. when i looked up again, i noticed patty on a nearby sidewalk, she also had a yoyo. at one of th later prelim meetings, she came over and we compared yoyo repertoires. she knew some tricks i didn’t, and i showed her some that she didn’t know

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Written by macheide

27 January 1973 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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