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i was supposed to be getting dressed for church, but i was having a lot of trouble. sometimes i was struck by troublesome imitations of my blank periods, these seemed to stretch out endlessly. sometimes i would finish getting ready, only to find that i had dressed for church in shorts and a dirty shirt, very frustrating. i kept picking out clothes i thought to be right, except when i had them on they would be very wrong. sometimes i would begin lapsing into a horror-amnesia state. continued until i collapsed in tears. mm came to comfort me, she took me to her apartment building, where a very helpful psychologist had his office

later, back at tlr in th front yard, and i saw about six large wooden spools rolling around as if driven wildly by some strong whirling wind. afraid that they would roll into th road and damage some car, i was approaching them when suddenly they converged on me. i picked up a strong stick somewhere and smashed them away as they attacked me. then all around me, wooden pieces from various things – th mailbox, part of th garage, a tree branch, etc – began breaking toward me. by now i was convinced that th missles were possessed, but my hand always seemed to be set right to smash each wooden piece away, and i was not at all harmed. at last th barrage ceased

soon afterwards i found myself pushing, in th general direction of schwenksville, through fast-moving water rushing against me. i was being followed, later i found out it was donald with joe petrauskas. soon i came to a vertical rise upward: a waterfall. i continued pushing through th water, climbing by using branches clinging to th cliff, it wasn’t more than thirty or forty feet to th top. donald and joe refused to follow me there, they went around where th cliff sloped off, to th left of th waterfall

there was a swimming pool set in th plateau at th top, i watched th people swimming for a minute or two, then went to survey further waterways. there were two, both with fast water: a) one cutting perpendicularly left from th line of th previous course, this one was very steep, it frightened me just to look at it. and i was sucked down by th look, caught by some of th water and carried swiftly in a tumble-spin downstream. i remembered what i’d learned about swimming in currents and luckily reached th side. and b) checking on th second waterway, it was in th same line as th waterfall, except with th current in th opposite direction. it wasn’t as steep, it only reminded me of th niagara rapids, but it was still too fast for me

back at th first of th two new waterways, i felt immediately that something was very wrong. th view had a sneering and foreboding appearance. then i understood, and somehow i knew that donald and joe had seen me start down there and had tried to follow. and i knew they’d never make it. i quickly called people from th pool to help me search for th two, but we found nothing

i trudged back home with jim. when we were near our house we heard a bell tolling solemnly, and th names of donald and joe intoned behind th ringing. mrs donley met us in her carport, she knew immediately that something was wrong and demanded that we spare her not th truth. going with her into their kitchen and jim said something about th story being headed for some national magazine. mrs d was sobbing by then, hysterically screamed out something about that not helping her any. i was standing on th back steps, crying silently. jim left, confused, and i went in to try to comfort her

later, joe did turn up, he was badly battered. he said he had been afraid to try th water, but donald had wanted to follow me and had been sure it would be alright. joe had been lucky enough to catch a branch, he confirmed that donald however was indeed gone

and later, jim was having bad chest pain, i massaged it for him and it seemed to help him a lot. mf just stood around making ignorant comments on how i would make a good nurse

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Written by macheide

26 January 1973 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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