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prepared to do it right

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th reb and i were picked up from an evening church service by david and tim, who drove us out to david’s new home. in new jersey, ocean city area. crossing one of th bridges there, we were remarking about th bridge set-up, a traffic light at th beginning of th bridge separating cars from motorcycles and making them cross at separate times

at th house david took th reb somewhere to show her something, so tim and i began to talk about th night’s plans. they’d called mf earlier to say they’d pick us up, which mf had passed on to us. but he hadn’t relayed their expectations of th evening, so in some way th reb and i weren’t as prepared as we could have been. so we were angry with mf over that

we went into another room and found a very elaborate model racing setup: four lanes wide, and in one place at least five levels high. david and th reb rejoined us. david turned on th track power and we ran it a little as we talked. david said he was going to hand th set down to his younger brother

back at tlr, i was going to get th mail. it was a new setup: th mailman came up gratersford road now, but not past th bottom of th hill, so there was a row of mailboxes there to which we had to go. on th way down i noticed a pickup truck parked at th end of zagorski’s driveway starting to roll, so i ran to stop it. estella and someone else saw me and praised my action, but i protested their gratitude because it hadn’t been all that much – th truck had not been moving very fast yet

then on down to th mailboxes. someone came along asking directions, it turned out he wanted th house in th woods between th two small bridges. it was dusk and he had no lights, he kept running into th trees, so another guy at th mailboxes and i tried to help him find th way to th house’s garage

as it turned out, we got a job offer to clean th garage out, me and th neighbor and a girl with long hair. after working on it for awhile, th one guy did a rush finish job and tried to get us to leave it. i said “no, when i do a job i want to do it right.” th lady came out just then, heard th argument, and sent th other two off. i tried to say no let th girl stay she was working alright, but th lady had me finish th job alone

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25 January 1973 at 4:04 am

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