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commercializing her tease

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climbing stairs with several other people to a room-like area, only it wasn’t cubical. i could not see th corners or walls, except in some areas, and only in one area did i come upon th ceiling. a small landing like a terrace, then stairs extended further upward from th room, those much like th steps across th street from gao dorm at hc. when we remained in th room, th lower wall became to us as th back wall of th donley’s house although not with th outside stucco. one of us began drilling a hole in th wall, i told him it wouldn’t work because th wall kept chipping, but he kept drilling. i said there were already some good spy holes in th wall, to prove it i climbed to an upper corner, a small niche to th right. supposedly there was an upper-story room on th other side wherein perry como lived, so i began singing a perry comon song to th wall. one of my friends, a singer, noted this with interest and climbed up to take my place. mrs donley came out – into th room – and th guy drilling th hole turned and stood in front of th spot to hide it. meanwhile, donald had been swinging on a swing set placed near th upper steps, he was happy, and jim and i went to play with him

[a number of commercial-like sequences followed, only one of which i can recall, that one repeated at least three times, identical each time]

it began as though it were a commercial for some cleanser, th reb took it from there. she was wearing a smock and long-underwear-like stockings, while in some way suggesting she’d been wearing something before, pants most likely, over th stockings. she said, in a commercial-like voice, something like “but then, if i take these off…” as if to further promote in some way th cleanser product, then made some comment about if richard didn’t mind and took th stockings off. she was laughing because i was th only one watching th commercial anyway, everyone else was listening to th guy singing in th corner. her smock was long enough to serve as a short dress, but in pulling th stockings off th smock was pulled up to just below her breasts, revealing her body from there down. that happened again, completely identical. we were both laughing. th third time th sequence began, th singing had ceased and everyone was standing around talking, so when she bagan to pull th stockings off i turned away, worried that if mrs donley or th others saw me watching her though this scene, and us laughing about it, they might disapprove. this time th commercial continued – our laughter had stopped it th times before – and it turned from a cleanser commercial into a thing designed to convince parents not to allow their children to go on overseas vacations, a sequence in which a fishing boat was chasing a gunboat in th ocean, th gunboat eventually being destroyed

//] - Oneirra

Written by macheide

23 January 1973 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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