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unfolding from images of patty

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unfolding from images of patty. beginning in johnson house, room 5. two new people were moving into th room, i don’t remember seeing keith’s face. th two new people were patty and someone resembling th girl who gave me a ride home this Christmas, sue miller. th radio was on, there were some people in th hall. we had to rearrange th closet and i put up a lamp, one like frank’s small desk lamp, to illuminate th closet. sue appreciated this. th beds were now arranged thus: th bunk was now triple deck, there was a single bed where my desk and bureau had been. th air between patty and me was still cold, i acted very reserved and spoke only in conservative monosyllables. i had th uppermost bunk, patty took th lowest of th three. someone – i don’t think keith – ran from th room naked from th waist down. i had advised him to leave. patty was pretending sleep.

then i was in a sparsely populated meeting resembling a church service. later, riding in a car, patty expressed a deliberate interest in my plans for a future in computers. i was thankful for th drop of th use of polite exchanges, but myself remained reserved.

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21 January 1973 at 4:04 am

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